Free Social Media Marketing Audit Request Form

Today's Social Media Marketing Agencies/Advertising Firms bundle all social media channels into one package that they sell to businesses. Many charge businesses $695 up to $5000 per month for their social media marketing bundle. It's much like the cable television services (pay for 300 channels when you only want 10 or maybe 15 channels). Bundling Yuck!!!

We offer a FREE Social Media Marketing Audit for all businesses. Let us share with you what is effective well when it comes to social media marketing/promoting your specific business. Not all businesses need all channels. Every business is unique, i.e. location, client/customer base, type of business and more. You may not need what the business next door needs. For example, your business is a Seafood Restaurant, Real Estate Office or maybe a Hardware Store and your next-door neighbor is a Dry Cleaning business. They have a different set of social media marketing needs than you.

The FREE Social Media Marketing Audit is offered to you without any obligation. It's our way of giving back to the business community. Simply fill in the form below and click the "Submit" button at the bottom. We will contact you to set up a convenient time for a phone conversation to go over what we found. That's it... No further requirement. We will not call you later with a dreaded sales pitch. 

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