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Let's Fill The Restaurant Seats

It is not a good feeling to see empty seats in your restaurant during what should be peak hours. Let's fix that - We "lead the horses to water, you make them drink". Our primary objective is to drive traffic to and make people aware of your restaurant and what you offer. With the ultimate goal of increasing your revenues. Let us help fill your seats with new and returning customers.

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Social Media Strategy

Small, medium or large restaurants, it does not matter. The goal is the same... Grow Your Business... We Custom Design individual Social Media Marketing and Management Strategies for each restaurant. A comprehensive pre-development interview is conducted with restaurant owners/managers to clearly understand their objective based on the type and style of their restaurant.


Gusto Premier Italian Restaurant

We have been using Online Virtual Rep for 8 or 9 months now and the results are little short of amazing. We regularly get hundreds, even thousands of views, or “Reach”, in the Facebook parlance, even on our un-boosted posts. In one paid ad we ran from January through the end of March we had over 380,000 views and 62,000 individuals that engaged (Liked, Commented or Shared) on our page. Obviously, this has brought a level of name recognition we could not have hoped for through any other medium. I highly recommend Leigh and his company – unless you’re another Italian restaurant in my area, in which case I advise you to take out newspaper ads ?

Aqua Grill

I have been with Online Virtual Rep (Leigh Somers) for over a year. Leigh is an extremely efficient and effective online marketer. He is on top on the latest trends and communicating new ideas to better my online presence regularly. I highly recommend Online Virtual Rep. It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make:

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