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Customized Posting Strategies

No two businesses are alike. They may be in the same industry, but their strategies for maintaining and developing new customers can be different. At Online Virtual, Rep we develop Customized Strategies for each Client, based on their specific needs.

Promotional Products Distributor Social Media Marketing Strategy

Online Virtual Marketing Social Media Marketing Programs objective is to drive more people to your business than you currently touch. Our goal is to assist you in increasing your Promotional Products sales.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Postings vs In Your Face Hard Selling:

If I recommended you watch a particular television show next Tuesday night and when you did, all you saw for 60 minutes of Commercials my guess is that you wouldn't watch it again!!! Social Media Marketing is the same way... if all we did was post promotional products (commercials) your customers and prospects would stop "Liking" and "Following" your pages. Our strategy calls for a split around 50% Social postings and 50% promotional product postings. The Social postings are things that will make your clients/prospect's lives better. The postings come from valued resources found on specific websites.

Cross Posting

We all have favorites... some of your clients/prospects favorite social media channel is Facebook. Others may like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. We cross promote on all social media platforms making sure whatever channel they utilize they will see your postings. Remember, "Always in sight, Always in mind". Our goal is to drive them to your business regardless of what channel they favor.

 Client / Customer Social Engagement


  1. It is well documented that making the Client like you (your business) is paramount to keeping the Client long term. Social Engagement requires timely interaction with the Clients and their Customers and their Prospects.

How do we do that:

  1. Integrating a balance of social and business posting that provide support to the Client's Customer. (the feel-good effect)
  2. Limiting the number of social media channel posting, based on the specific Clients needs. Ranging from 1 to 5 or more times a day.
  3. Monitoring the posts and engaging, as a Surrogate of the Client, to the Customer's, Comments, Likes & Shares.
  4. Monitoring the "Reputation" and engaging, after consultation with the Client, with the Customer if appropriate. Often the Client will want to engage with the Customer directly.

Balancing Social and Business Postings:

  1. An example of this would be, the Fashion industry. If the Online Virtual Rep's Client's target is in the Fashion industry we would share social posting from leading figures in that industry.

All industries are different... We will custom design a posting strategy to meet your specific goals when participating in Social Media Marketing.

"We lead the horses to water, You make them drink"

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