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  • New YouTube Revenue Opportunities for Channels July 20, 2019
    Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore YouTube revenue opportunities for channels, learning playlists, and more with special guest, Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming […]
    Grace Duffy
  • Building a Community in a Changing Social Media World July 19, 2019
    Could your business benefit from a dedicated community? Wondering where you should build your community? To explore why building community and groups is essential for marketers, I interview community-building expert Gina Bianchini. She’s the former CEO and co-founder of Ning. She’s also the founder and CEO of Mighty Networks. Gina explains how a community differs […]
    Michael Stelzner
  • How to Sell More Products on Instagram: 4 Tips That Work July 17, 2019
    Are you selling products on Instagram? Wondering how to create Instagram posts that interest shoppers? In this article, you’ll discover four ways to showcase and promote your products on Instagram. First, Attract an Audience That’s Likely to Convert To have success selling on Instagram, you first need to build a following of people who have […]
    Alexz Miller

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  • Tesla drops request for restraining order against allegedly dangerous short seller July 20, 2019
    Tesla has withdrawn its request for a court-ordered restraining order against Randeep Hothi, documents submitted to the court where the complaint was filed revealed Friday. Hothi, an individual who is very vocal on social media about his short position in Tesla, had gone to extreme and potentially dangerous lengths in his avid attempts to collect […]
    Darrell Etherington
  • Google is adding Find My Device and battery features to Fast Pair headphones July 19, 2019
    Introduced a few I/Os back, Fast Pair is Google’s attempt to make its own mark on the post-AirPod headphone landscape. Many of the features are similar to Apple’s offerings, but Google’s got a leg up in one key way: third-party hardware. Like Android, the company’s focused on bringing Fast Pair to as many manufacturers as […]
    Brian Heater
  • Moon bricks could keep the lights on and the heat up in Lunar colonies July 19, 2019
    There may be no "dark side" of the Moon, but when and where it is dark, it's dark — and stays that way for two weeks. If we're going to have colonists up there, they'll need to stay warm and keep the lights (among other things) on for the long lunar night. Turns out bricks […]
    Devin Coldewey